August 15, 2014 this beautiful couple for the first time became the parents of 4 wonderful children: 1 girl and 3 boys.

I.Ch. Jerry Lee Zhemchug Nevy

Color: a 33

  I want a kitten from this pair

Ch. Rochel Danvel

Color: ns 21 33

AkBars Zvezda Severa, dob 15.08.2014, male,     color: seal tabby point - n 21 33.



Aslan Zvezda Severa, dob15.08.2014, male,           color: seal tabby point - n 21 33.



Amalia Zvezda Severa, dob 15.08.2014, female,          color: blue tabby point - а 21 33.



Ariant Zvezda Severa, dob 15.08.2014, male,              color: blue tabby point - а 21 33.




             Buying a kitten it is the questionthat should be treated seriously and thoroughly. 

     Before you get a kitten, please, read pedigree, ask about kitten's health.  Also take the         

     interest of successes and victories of kitten'sparents at the shows. 



                                    Reservation of kittens is available. 



             In our catterykittens born from titled parents. You get a healthy, cleanly baby-cat,   

      playful, with all grafts, and with the all necessary documents.


              Call us! We are happy to answer on your questions and help you to choose the best  

       kitten for the breeding, for the show career and of course as a lovely pet for family.

       Before reaching that age kitten can be reserved by making a deposit of 30% of itscost. 


              In case of cancellation of a kitten from the buyer by the time the kitten 12 weeks old,  

        we put it up for sale. Deposit in that case is not refundable.  The buyer pays the piper of  

        the conveyance of kitten.


              In our cattery you can receive advices how to bring up a kitten and care about it   

        during all its life at your home.  We care about our baby-cats and pay attention to their  



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