My name is Anna and I am pleased to welcome you to our Neva Masquerade cattery.

Our specialization is the breeding of colorpointvariant of Siberian cats which named  Neva Masquerade. 

Very soon you can find here the original name of our cattery, exactlyat the moment when we recieve the certificate of the official registration which is rather long and still not finished.


6-7 september 2014
Jerry Lee Zhemchug Nevy 2EX-1, 2CACIB, 2 Nom Bis
1-2 august 2014 
Jerry Lee Zhemchug Nevy 2Ex-1, 2CAC, 2Nom Bis

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Edited Image 2016-02-04 05-32-56


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Edited Image 2016-02-04 05-32-56


  What they are, cats Neva Masquerade.



Neva Masquerade cat is particolar and has a lotof advantages.

For example no the oneother breed can notboast such a chic fur coat. It is thick, richand soft, itlooks like a fox collar and pants.

Strong pawsare medium length,between the toes there are bunchof hair.

Character of Neva Masquerade isanother plus of this wonderful breed. They are pretty intelligent, elegantand have a strong sense of self-respect.

Good manners are fixed by generations and passed on a genetic level .