Neva Masquerade cats with blue eyes is the colorpoint variant of Siberian cats.


Cats of this breed have alarge, muscular body andstrongpaws. Fur isthick with a dense undercoat hair. Cats have agorgeous fluffy siberian tail.   The famous dark mask on the  muzzle of the adult cat depends on its color. These cats have a calm, well balanced character. 


They are fearlessdefenders of their territoryand the same timegentle andloyal friends for family, the patient toys in the hands of children. However, with the other people cats can be very wary.

















        Male catsreach a weight of 10 kg. Female cats  are smallerand more graceful, alsothey aremore soft and flexible in the character.

        The long healthy life is the main moment inthe difference between this breed with the  others.Representatives of this breed arestrong and nimble, they well jump.


         Neva Masquerade is unpretentious about treatment. Cats care for their hair by themselves and do it with pleasure. 

         Hypoallergenic cat is another plus of Neva Masquerade. The owners almost never complain for the allergy from their pets.

         So, cats of this breed have everything to get true love of all family.

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