During many years a lot of different people shared with   me their impression about this breed. 

 And when my children asked me to have akitten we have chosen Neva Masquerade cat from Moscow cattery  "Danvel".

           That is how in June 2013 Rochelle Danvel came in our  home. This baby-girl is my love , incredible smart and  most gentle baby kitten!

           She started to grow andthere was a question how to   search a boyfriend for her. In Chelyabinsk-city there are  two catteries but there is no one male cat for mating,  also around the all Chelyabinsk region we did not find a  male cats for mating. 

           It was clearly for us that there is ony one way in this  situation to buy male cat. 

           So in December 2013 asmall wool ballwith wonderfull  nameJerry Lee Pearl Neva came to our house. This  naughty boy charmed us with his energy andmischiefs, his nice tricks and absolutely good appetite!



        Our cats also touched the heart of my friend Ekaterina and now a little miracle lives at her home, his name is Aristocrat from Snow Empire. 

        These kittensgive us a lot of positive emotions, happiness and lovely cares for every singleday.

        Our pets give us to us the perfect start of the day for every morning, and the evening is pretty warm when cats purr on our knees and look at us by their blue eyes with love and tenderness.